5 tips to save money on your new car registrations

At ACF Direct, we’re always eager to help you to find innovative ways of funding a prestigious marque or fleet vehicle purchases, with the objective ultimately being to save you money.

Whether you’re a fleet manager looking to upgrade your vehicles or an individual looking to purchase a performance supercar, in all probability you will be looking for assistance with the financing. You will also, understandably, very probably be demanding the most attractive deals and superb service.

Of course, we are confident we can provide both those things but did you know that there may be other ways to save money on your vehicle purchases?

Here we will share five of our top tips relating to how to save money on new car registrations.

Use the calendar

It may surprise you to know that the price of your new vehicle or vehicles might not be the same at all times during even a single calendar month.

That’s because car dealerships are typically under greater financial stress at some times of the year than at others. These might be the times you’re looking for because the dealer may be particularly keen to offer even more attractive deals than usual.

Good times to look around might be:

  • towards calendar quarter ends (e.g. late March) when the dealerships are likely to be under great pressure to make their quarterly sales targets. So, don’t get too hung up on having the very first “new reg” in your area, as it might be costing you more money than if you waited a little longer;
  • calendar and financial year ends. The first of those is obvious and the latter can usually be easily ascertained by asking around or through a little online research;

Pre-secure your finance

Nothing gives you greater negotiating clout on the price you’ll pay for your vehicle with the dealership than having your car finance already agreed in principle and more or less “in your pocket”.

Car dealerships may be very interested in proposing their own finance deals but that runs the risk of blurring the difference between the vehicle’s price and the cost of their finance proposition. It might be difficult to untangle the two and having your own car finance provisionally agreed through ourselves will avoid that and typically provide a cost-effective solution.

Consolidate your car fleet procurement policies

Some organisations offer a specified amount to their staff and allow them to procure whatever vehicle they wish and from any dealership, within certain guidelines.

Whilst this offers freedom of choice and perhaps increases employee satisfaction, it can also cause you to miss opportunities to consolidate your purchasing through a single vehicle supplier. The more business you place with a single dealer, typically the more you’ll be able to apply pressure to deliver really attractive discounts.

Question the marginal extras included in your car

It is a fact of life that some vehicles come with a fairly basic specification and the moment you start adding extras to that, the price can rapidly accelerate.

As an individual or as a fleet manager, you may regard some of those extras as being more or less essential but in many other cases, they may be things that the driver rarely, if ever, uses.

So ask yourself whether you need not only a new car registration plate but also that in-car video entertainment system!

Buy “nearly new” as opposed to new

It’s sometimes possible to find pre-used vehicles that are almost brand-new and with relatively few miles on the clock. In some cases, they might be only a few weeks old but priced 20-30% less than a new model just because they are pre-registered.

These are potentially big savings and well worth considering for the sake of perhaps just a thousand miles on the clock!