Business Finance

At ACF Direct, we understand that every business venture is unique and may require diverse financial solutions. Whether your business has identified specific equipment, tools, or assets essential for growth, or if you're seeking assistance in sourcing them, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive suite of Business Finance options includes Asset-Based Lending, Invoice Finance, Business Loans, Vehicle Finance, and Asset Finance.

These flexible solutions cater to your distinct needs, providing a range of financing avenues to support your business expansion. When you partner with us, we connect you with reputable funding providers who will work with your company to determine the most suitable finance type. At ACF Direct, we strive to empower your business by offering a tailored approach to financial success.

Asset Based Lending (ABL)

ACF Direct understands the significance of working capital for your business, and our Asset Based Lending (ABL) solution empowers you by utilising your existing assets as collateral.

Whether it’s leveraging invoices, stock, property, or machinery, our flexible approach ensures that your unique requirements are not just met but exceeded.

Our ABL solution goes beyond traditional financing, releasing a higher level of working capital compared to other forms of finance. Tailored to address your specific needs, an asset-based loan from ACF Direct becomes a strategic tool to support your business growth plans.

With ABL, you not only gain access to vital funds but also pave the way for a more robust and resilient financial future for your business.

Asset Finance – Agricultural Machinery
Asset Finance – Agricultural Machinery

Invoice Finance

Invoice Factoring
Invoice Factoring

Designed to fuel your business growth and streamline your operations, Invoice Finance empowers you to access the value of outstanding customer invoices before their due date.

At ACF Direct, we not only provide the funding needed but go the extra mile by offering an optional credit control service. With this service, we manage a customised collections process on your behalf, ensuring a seamless and efficient financial workflow.

Explore the added benefits of our XTRA Time facilities, providing you with additional flexibility, and our Selective Bad Debt Protection product, delivering peace of mind precisely when you need it most. Trust ACF Direct to optimise your cash flow and support your business aspirations with our comprehensive Invoice Finance solutions.

Business Loan

Unlock the potential of your business with ACF Direct’s secured business loans. Designed for flexibility, our loans provide the freedom you need to advance your business plans at your own pace.

Secured against collateral, typically property, we offer loans ranging from £50,000 to £500,000. Whether you’re looking for short-term assistance or a more extended financial solution, our secured business loans cater to your needs.

Enjoy the convenience of monthly repayments tailored to suit your financial circumstances, providing you with the stability and support necessary for your business to thrive. With ACF Direct, take the next step in your business journey with confidence and ease.

Finance – Business Loans
Finance – Business Loans

Vehicle Finance

Finance – Vehicle
Finance – Vehicle

Unlock the Road to Success with ACF Direct’s Vehicle Finance. Financing a new vehicle or an entire fleet shouldn’t tie up your valuable working capital. Our specialised Vehicle Finance solution empowers you to meet your requirements without compromising your financial flexibility.

As one of the UK’s premier Vehicle Finance brokers, we bring unparalleled expertise to help you source the perfect vehicles to drive your plans forward. Rest assured, ACF Direct is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit, ensuring that you embark on your journey with a trusted partner committed to transparency and compliance.

Experience the freedom to expand your fleet and accelerate your business with ACF Direct’s Vehicle Finance.

Asset Finance

Unlock the potential of your business with ACF Direct’s Asset Finance solutions. We understand that timely access to essential equipment is critical for business success.

Our Asset Finance offerings provide a swift and affordable means to acquire the necessary tools by spreading costs over a predetermined period. This not only makes equipment financing more manageable but also caters to businesses seeking to refinance existing assets, offering a valuable boost to cashflow.

With a variety of flexible repayment options, Asset Finance from ACF Direct is designed to safeguard your cashflow, empowering you to nurture and expand your business at a pace that suits you. Take control of your business growth with ACF Direct’s Asset Finance solutions – where financial empowerment meets operational efficiency.

Bottling Machine
Bottling Machine