Boats & Marine

A guide to boats and marine finance

You might want to invest in a marine vessel for commercial use in your business or you might simply want to enjoy life on the open seas or the country’s rivers and canals in your own yacht or motor boat.

Ownership of a boat is a significant decision, of course, and a government website details the regulations for safety and registration, whether you are using the vessel on inland waterways or at sea, and the need for insurance.

Reflecting the significance of any such investment, is likely to be your need for some form of boats and marine finance.

Why you may need boats and marine finance

Whether your business needs a boat for its commercial operations, or whether you are looking for an upmarket means of recreation, sufficient funds for its cash purchase – as a business, for instance, there are likely to be many other demands on your operating profits.

Given the inherent value of practically any type of vessel, appropriate finance is likely to be necessary.

Types of finance available

In the nature of the investment required, there are at least two important sources of funding:

Marine mortgage

  • if your object is to own the boat or other marine vessel, you might want to consider a marine mortgage;
  • this works on the same principles of other mortgages – on your home, for example – where the advance for the purchase of the asset is secured against the vessel itself;
  • although ownership is transferred to you, it is important to remember that if you fail to keep up the marine mortgage payments, the vessel itself is at risk and may be repossessed;
  • as with any mortgage loan, the lender is certain to insist on adequate insurance of your vessel – in an amount equal to at least the amount of the funds advanced.

Why use ACF?

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We have access to both types of agreement, from more than 40 providers, and aim to get you a fast and prompt reply to any application.

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