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A guide to IT & sales aid finance

Have you encountered difficulties in selling your IT products and services to customers who may be finding it difficult to raise the finance for such purchases?

Particularly in these times of economic uncertainty, liquidity is likely to be a major concern of many of your customers, especially when it comes to investing in high value installations and services, such as IT.

Sales aid finance – or vendor finance as it is sometimes called – may help to dispel any reluctance on the part of your customers by allowing you to offer the necessary finance and, so, relieve them of the complexities and headaches of arranging their own finance. They may argue that they have better, more pressing, things to do.

Why you may need IT and sales aid finance

It is not only your customers who live in uncertain economic times. The same environment is the one in which you are striving to do business. The sales aid solution might be the one that boosts the revenues of your own business.

When it comes to finance options for the purchase of much-needed IT to maintain a company’s cutting edge in an increasingly competitive world, therefore, access to suitable finance is key.

Types of finance available

Fortunately, a number of types of finance are suitable for the acquisition of IT:

Finance Leasing

  • Under this relatively long-term form of leasing agreement, products may be leased for the whole of their estimated working life
  • For the customer, this means all the benefits of use, without actual ownership – although this may be offered at the end of the lease agreement by paying the residual value of the product

Hire Purchase

  • Many different types of product are available for purchase through this credit arrangement
  • There is an initial deposit to pay, followed by fixed monthly instalments over the life of the hire purchase agreement and ownership passes to the buyer upon final payment

Operating Leases

  • Just as the term suggests, these involve the lease, rather than ownership of the asset, with the effect that it is removed from the balance sheet, to improve accounting gearing and tax efficiencies
  • Operating leases are typically for the medium-term, running for between one and five years

Why Use ACF?

ACF Direct has access to all of these finance products and more – thanks to its links with finance providers.

We are able to identify the finance solutions likely to be suitable for your particular business and secure a competitive rate of interest on the credit obtained.

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