Rebank & Refinance

A guide to rebank and refinance

Working capital is vital to the health of any business – from small and medium sized enterprises right up to multinational corporations.

It is a relatively simple calculation to make, representing as it does the deduction of a company’s current liabilities from its current assets. The figure represents the cash available to the company for its day to day operations.

If your business shows a negative working capital, alarm bells might start to ring over problems you may be facing in paying your creditors and suppliers. If you find your working capital is steadily declining over time, this might indicate business inefficiencies or grave financial difficulties for your company.

Why you may need to rebank or refinance

Negative or declining working capital may be a warning sign for your business and one that needs to be addressed by restoring the cash available to maintain your day to day operations, meet your obligations towards creditors and suppliers and maintain your business in a longer-term, healthy state of affairs.

Rebanking and refinancing offer ways of funding the working capital you may need to maintain the success of your business or to seize opportunities for further expansion.

Types of finance available

There are a number of options for rebanking or refinancing to raise the working capital you need:


  • these are short-term or ongoing lines of credit advanced by your bank or other lender;
  • typically, the availability of any overdraft facility depends on the viability of your business – since this is the best indication of the funds borrowed by way of an overdraft being repaid;


  • alternatively, a lender may advance a loan for a fixed amount – whether unsecured or secured against assets of your business – for repayment generally by instalment over an agreed term;
  • if the loan is secured, of course, the lender may take possession of the assets used as security;

Asset refinancing

  • any unencumbered assets (in other words, those which have not already been used as security against other borrowing) held by your business may be used to raise finance against those assets.

Each of these methods represents a way of raising the working capital you may need to meet your day to day obligations or to use for opening up new markets which your business is then in a position to exploit.

Why use ACF?

ACF Direct has access to these and other forms of finance designed to help you resolve any problems with or deficiencies in your current working capital.

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