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Looking for coach finance or refinance?

If you’re running a coach fleet then you’ll typically be working hard to make the best use of your cash as well as financing deals.

As such, you’ve almost certainly encountered the terms “financing” and “refinancing” and here we’ll examine them in more detail. That’s because understanding them in the context of coach finance is imperative if you are to be confident that your overall financial position is under tight control.


As a coaching business owner or fleet manager, you probably know already that coaches and even minibuses aren’t cheap!

As a result, many organisations find it impossible to fund an outright purchase from their own liquid capital reserves. Even if it is possible to do so, it might not be a particularly efficient strategy in terms of accounting and taxation – your accountant will be best positioned to advise on that aspect of the issue.

The above applies to many businesses, be they large corporates or SMEs.

In many cases, companies look to financing options to help secure fast access to the asset they need for business growth. That’s why we at ACF Direct have a range of coach finance options available which are all aimed at helping businesses like yours to get the vehicles they need to survive and grow.

Characteristics of finance products

In terms of coach finance, our solutions are highly varied, innovative and cost-effective. However, they broadly fall into two categories:

  • those where you make a commitment to purchase the coach, typically paying off the amount advanced on a monthly basis. You can use the coach during the repayment term as a “registered keeper” and once you’ve made the final payment the vehicle becomes legally yours. HP (Hire Purchase) is a good example of this approach;
  • leasing (often described as “Finance Leasing” or “Operational Leasing”. Products in this category typically involve you renting, to all intents and purposes, the vehicle from a leasing company. Depending upon the type of option you select, the vehicle may be added to your balance sheet as an asset to be depreciated or treated as a P&L business expense. You may have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease.

All of these options have their advantages. Not all will necessarily be suitable for your individual circumstances. We’d welcome the chance to explain further how these work and to learn more of your business so we can help with recommendations. If you’re not entirely au fait with accounting, it might be useful to engage your accountant in the discussion too.


If your business has existing coach finance, it may be that it would be advantageous to change your financing deal.

There might be many reasons why you’d wish to do so, including perhaps:

  • you believe the deal you have is no longer competitive and your outgoings could be reduced by replacing it;
  • sometimes it can be more cost-effective to consolidate several existing coach finance options into a single solution;
  • you may wish to spread the debt or financing over a longer period to assist with cash flow.

The way forward

We are established experts in all aspects of coach finance and refinancing.

However, it’s very difficult to say more specifically here about how we could help you because we’d need to understand your requirements and your existing business position. So, to find out how we might be able to help you grow or diversify your fleet, why not contact us for an initial fact-finding discussion?