The success of a business is not simply measured by supplying great quality products or services and / or delivering the best in customer service. Maintaining a positive cashflow is crucial to company performance, particularly during testing times of growth and expansion. There are many finance options available to your enterprise, many of which now look beyond traditional business banking options.

An increasing number of business owners now seek refinancing in order to boost cashflow, especially when funds are tight. Refinancing allows you to consolidate your loans or debt into one location. Once funding is secured, you can then begin to consider different repayment options. If you have previously received cashflow or asset finance, you may find yourself with multiple loans at different repayment rates and payment dates; you need to stay on top of any repayments, in order to avoid debts getting out of control and ending up with CCJs for defaulting on loans. Therefore, refinancing is a very sensible option.

In some cases, refinancing can help you secure a better rate on interest payments, drastically reducing your monthly debt payments. Budgeting also becomes easier, as refinancing only requires you make one single payment per month. When managing your budget, you will be able to secure one rate for one loan with a sole lender, providing you with a single contact for ongoing payments. Refinancing also allows you to spread repayments over a longer period, giving you more time to focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Following the recent general election results, there is potential for new growth in UK business. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of renewed optimism within competitive markets and consider your finance options. Here at ACF Direct, we have access to over 40 UK lenders, and can offer a variety of funding solutions.

When your enterprise is under financial strain, especially with mounting multiple debts, refinancing could be the ideal solution for you – speak to us today to discover how refinancing can help move your company forwards.